Wok Inn Fish and Chips, Blk 95 Toa Payoh Lorong 4

I think it’s riveting and magical when you take off from the beaten track, and your blind faith is rewarded with something super special awesome at the end.

Fish and Chips has never been my thing, either because really good ones are hard to come by and are expensive, or because it’s done horribly in Singapore. I’m not even going to all “know-it-all” by discussing batters and authenticity – all I’m asking for, is a really good fried fish – something that actually tastes like swam for a large part of its life. Instead, I’ve to go all China about my food and delve into the psyche of whether or not I’m eating what the menus claim it is. Alas, batters are important. My distaste for breaded fish is only matched by poor batters, such as Mad Jack’s after they soul their soul to commercialism. So, when I read popular food blog, ieatishootipost’s rave review of this place, I had my doubts. After all, the reputable food site has given scathing reviews to eateries that don’t deserve it, and rave reviews to places which are, quite frankly, not good at all.

Now, to the “chip” of the block. Nestled in the quaint backwater of Toa Payoh North, is Wok Inn Fish and Chips, which is said to boast “Singapore’s best Fish and Chips under SGD 6”. I’ll have you know that this quite certainly deserves its moniker, but while the crispy exterior batter contrasts perfectly with the creamy run-of-the-mill fish, the perfection ends there, quite literally. The comparison is akin to somebody jerking you off, and stopping short just before you come, leaving you frustrated and flaccid.

I’m not one to complain about portions, but they really do give you the bare minimums. Before ordering, I had noticed the staff taking out new orders of Fish and Chips to diners – with a smaller-than-spoon-sized portion of coleslaw and a few “fry”, with a fish sooo small, it made the regular plate look positively humongous. Having skipped breakfast, I thought I’d order what I thought was Fish and Chips with Spaghetti to amp up the portion just a tad. When the nice lady came with just half (get this, HALF) of the plate filled, I honestly thought she’d be bringing the coleslaw and chips separately – they never came, and I felt shortchanged. Sure, the fish was lovely (the spaghetti’s so-so…) but it was really off-putting, and as a diner, I felt insulted by a half-filled plate.

So, Singapore’s best Fish and Chips under SGD 6? Maybe not.


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