Selera Rasa, Adam Road Food Centre

I was hungry but didn’t feel like eating, so I boarded the first bus that arrived and quickly found myself at Adam Road.

I think Adam Road Food Centre’s the Singapore equivalent of a highway rest stop except the food doesn’t taste like congealed gasoline and exhaust fumes. I mean, look at it. Does anyone honestly think the rich need a cathedral dedicated to trans fat, high cholesterol and generally barbaric looking food? No, they have their gold leaf, prosciutto, pheasant, brussels sprouts, you know, their la petit mais surestimé cuisine for nourishment, enrichment and Bryan Richmond.

On a serious note, I was here for a good ol’ nasi lemak. All these political divide and the ensuing “we’ve got to somehow differentiate ourselves” mantra has turned Malay cuisine all topsy-turvy. Malaysian “food-cumentaries” promote a multi-cultural “Malayseer” left, right and centre – praising the food as not Malay, but a mix of every race. The race card’s totally screwed up in Singapore so it’s fine, I mean, just look at the new and old Chinese population – it’s as different as night and day. The difference between northernmost China and southernmost China is a four-hour flight! Anyways, watching Malays on Malaysian TV spouting the nonsense of “Nasi Lemak isn’t just Malay, it’s ‘Malayseern’ because it’s shaped by Indians and Chinese” is like taking a poop on your own culture, really.

Anyways, the nasi lemak here is probably second to the nasi lemak stall that used to be at the former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (Come back, you peeps! Come back to Singapore!) and just ahead of the one at Changi Village (not that one, that one), which makes it by default,the best nasi lemak in Singapore… in my opinion.


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