Thai Tantric, Orchard Towers

Think it’s time I graduated from Orchard Towers and move on to Golden Mile for delicious Thai food.

This evening, I met up with my ex-colleagues and friends: Denise, Keidi and Chia Erhn. On the latter’s suggestion, we had Thai Tantric at Orchard Towers, which is one of the handful of Thai establishments in the sleazy mood. I think I’m a Jain when it comes to food. The South Asian religious sect believes that food nourishes the soul, and therefore shouldn’t be too bland or too spicy. I eat spicy food, but I thought Thai Tantric packed too much heat, which was a pity because I really enjoyed the food here overall. The Tom Yum soup for example, was so potent that I couldn’t appreciate a spoon without having to dive into the Thai Iced Tea afterwards.

If you know me well, you’d know that for some reason, I’ve never liked Thai basil chicken or pork. Do bear this in mind because it’s not a criticism of the dish, but it’s just personal preference.

My main, glass noodles with seafood, was enjoyable, but I’m not over the top with it. As a former frequent visitor to Thailand, I understand that Thai cuisine is all about flavor – each stands out but can come together to form the perfect symphony, all in one dish. The dish was mostly a one-note presentation because the most important facet was lacking – contrast.

Our drink supplements.


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