Salted Caramel, Upper Thomson

Inspired by an episode of Trish’s French Country Kitchen on BBC Lifestyle which stars a British lady who’s exactly like Nigella Lawson but blonde, less attractive and has lesser screen presence, my mother decided to make sandwiches for brunch. To be precise, she was inspired by Pain Bagnat Salad in a Sandwich which is to French vineyard workers what chanko is to Sumo wrestlers. The secret to this firecracker comes two-fold. First, much of the insides of the fine fresh loaf are removed, leaving more space to stuff the ingredients inside. Secondly, boiled quail eggs, which pushes this little sandwich into overgear, turning it into a quick, small but incredibly filling meal. The exact ingredients aren’t important – the original uses canned tuna soaked in water, various chili peppers, olives, anchovies and boiled green beans – we used lettuce, diced tomatoes, chicken, Shitake mushrooms, onions and carrots, and we got the same effect.

When you eat something so small and intense, you need to accompany it with red wine, or have something sweet. So, we headed down to Upper Thomson for some desert (she had to go to the bank anyways). Feeling a little peckish, we went to Salted Caramel for some ice cream and waffles. Unlike many other local ice cream parlors whose “premium” ice cream can sometimes taste a tad “amateurish” and “diluted”, I can trust Salted Caramel’s to taste great. Sure, they don’t have the most variety of flavors, don’t experiment as much as Udders, but they excel in what they offer and I think that’s good enough for me.


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