Keisuke Tonkatsu King, Orchid Hotel

What a great start to the Mayday weekend!

I decided to head down to Keisuke Tonkatsu King, which seems to keep getting rave reviews by the locals. As always, I had a budget, and fortunately, the pricing’s pretty reasonable. To my utter and complete surprise, there was a queue, a friggin’ long queue. Considering Tonkatsu King has been around for quite a while already, I was really pleasantly surprised, especially since it was still quite a way to the office lunchtime. It brought back memories of my time in Tokyo, where part of the fun of eating is participating in the long queues.

Tonkatsu broths aren’t my thing, but this was sinfully good in an indulgent way. It was like being hit with a sledge-hammer – I half expected a bland and dilute attempt, like those you get at Ajisen Ramen, Ramen PLAY and Ramen Tan, but it was insanely rich. The flavors were intense, and it was enhanced by minute pieces of marrow floating on the surface of the broth. I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t worry about my fat levels rising because the Japanese are known for eating clean, but as I slurped this up, I was starting to doubt myself, and Japan. It’s definitely not as oily as it looks, but I could’ve sworn I was going to die of a heart attack after so much essence of boar.


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