Ofira Amazing Thai Food, Far East Plaza

Girls shave their heads, or change their hairstyle when something bad happens to them. It represents a rebirth, so says psychiatrists. Well, being in such a low place, there’s a threshold to how much one can take before wishing one could start anew, so I thought, what better way than to get my hair cut? I just wanted change, and I wanted it now. So, I call my hairstylist – he “OK”, I “OK” – to Orchard I went. It was the perfect weather for a beach vacation, but I didn’t appreciate it. Living in the tropics where it’s hot and sunny, and humid every day tends to be a bit stifling and disruptive to one’s daily activities. As you can imagine, I was glad to leave the house and just relish the cool, dry air of a mall…

Unusually, I was here early, so I decided to grab some lunch. My only choice, was Ofira Amazing Thai Food at Far East Plaza. I’ve been here before, and I can tell you the word “Amazing” is making up for something lost here. If you’ve been to Thailand, like me, and enjoy the street food in all its greasy, spicy and aroma, like me, then you’d know there are far too few places in Singapore that can replicate and evoke all that flavor. I’d seriously consider slapping you if you muttered “Golden Mile”. That place, despite all its… its… whatever, is as real as Joan River’s body – that’s to say, not very real at all. Don’t get me wrong, boys. They’re Thai, there’s no question about it. I mean, the chances of you bumping into a overseas-born individual on this island is 0.5. I love Thai cuisine, but there’s only one aspect of it that I like – its street food, which in my opinion, is, by far, the most dynamic, heartfelt and passionate. You can trust my opinion, according to Trip Advisor, I’ve already visited thirty cities across the globe.

Despite all the moolah, I ordered something pretty bland and uninteresting – chicken cutlet rice. I was just thinking about Bangkok, and missing its fried chicken, so in the moment, I wanted something fried. Understandably, it was just mediocre to average, but boy, did I love the milk tea! I could drink that every other day. Of course, I’d have to hit the gym, and watch my sugar intake, but you get my drift, right?

p.s. I apologize for the horrendous quality. I shot this with my iPhone, and I’m a tad allergic to apps and “over adding” effects, so I just kept it as it is. I did crop it though.


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