Triple-O’s by White Spot, Asia Square, Singapore

While most tend to piss on “overpriced” fast food, I’d gladly lap it all up.

The strict decorum of a balanced diet runs right out of the window when it comes to fast food in Singapore. Just look at the happy diners who go crazy for the chicken (allegedly) nuggets and curry sauce (allegedly) at McDonald’s, or the worse-than-school-canteen-standard Shrooms Burger at KFC. It’s alright, really, because it’s “affordable” – because as long as it’s cheap, it’s alright to put it in your mouth. Is it any wonder that every gym-going male is packing on protein to squeeze their abs and biceps out, while girls are resorting to, well, not eating, and in the end, giving up the battle to cellulite, breakouts and resorting to a unrelentless ritual of makeup and pills to look like they’ve lost weight and become prettier? So, am I saying that the more expensive, the better it tastes? Not exactly. I’m saying, “You’ve got to have a pretty good reason to charge higher than average prices, and I wanna take you to court”.

Triple-O’s is a fast food chain from Canada, serving good ol’ traditional beef burgers (Buddhists, away!). Its first representation in Singapore is at Asia Square’s Food Garden, which is, for now, a tad complicated to get to (it’s the fat, somewhat pixellated building beside the gold and silver-clad buildings across from Lau Pa Sat). If you’re coming from Raffles Place station, surface at One Raffles Quay. The complex is actually visible and geographically closer to Marina Bay station, but nobody’s gonna do that though, and you probably shouldn’t try it either. Food Garden’s taken the “restaurant-in-a-food-court” concept a step further, and every store has their own restaurant somewhere else on the island. I’m actually looking forward to come back to try Imperial Treasure’s offering because I hear it’s like Hong Kong’s Cafe De Coral, but understandably slightly more expensive. Anyway, for starters, I ordered the Original Combo (SGD 12.90), to you know, get an overall feel of Triple-O’s, and upsized to Sweet Potato Fries.

As soon you take your first bite, you know you’re not eating McDonald’s. There’s a certain sophistication with the bun, which brought to mind Handburger’s, which I absolutely love… (Darn it, I just reminded myself the first picture I have of Andy is him at Handburger. Memories…) The beef patty was a little rough around the edges, which I appreciate, because that’s how you know your beef is real. My biggest pet peeve was the Triple-O’s sauce. It’s not very apparent, almost bland actually, and it seems like the kitchen gave it too much of a squeeze, because it was all over the place. Personally, I like sauces, but they should be used sparingly – enough to give it a unique flavor but not overpower it. Special mention to the sweet potato fries, which were just lovely, although I would have loved for them to hold back on the portion.

The question. Is it worth it? To be honest, Triple-O’s pushing my thresholds, and it’s very difficult to come out with a verdict to say “Hey, I’d love to go back”. Alas, I’ve to admit that although they might be inconsistent, particularly Wendy’s, it and Carl’s Jr. are better bets. If Triple-O’s is in a more convenient location, and I feel like a good ol’ beef burger, I won’t hesitate, but it’s not worth traveling to Asia Square for, especially since it’s not open on weekends.


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