Strictly Pancakes, Prinsep Street

Feeling totally positive after an upbeat interview with a fun bunch of people, I wanted to indulge myself. The interview rekindled my interest to work in an editorial position again, a feeling I didn’t realize was actually gone, and I’m definitely appreciative for that. “I’d really love to work here”, I thought to myself. Unlike the two high-profile interviews which I screwed up because of nerves and all that drama, I was totally relaxed for this one (tired out from all the frantic rush after I realized that I read the interview time wrongly forty minutes before the actual time). Alas, I don’t want to get my hopes up at all, so I’ll just take it as it comes.

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to Strictly Pancakes. This all-day breakfast craze thing hadn’t exactly wowed me, and when a place like Strictly Pancakes gets such topsy-turvy reviews (I notice opinions of it borders on the extreme, either very good or very bad), it doesn’t inspire much confidence, to be honest. However, after seeing delicious mouth-watering pancakes on Man Vs. Food yesterday, I started to have cravings… I could have visited Wild Honey or Food For Thought, but I love new places, and decided to take a chance on them.

My faith was misplaced. The moment I took my first bite of my maple syrup laden, butter smashing pancake, I was like, “Mmm… Easily, the worst food ever.” It was so bad, it was laughable, and insulting considering the name of the diner. Not only were the pancakes much worse than McDonald’s, it was no better than your average pancake mix you buy at the supermarket. In Singapore, it’s surprisingly and shockingly common to find pastries like tarts, pies and puffs, and batters like pancake mixes, with the insides or centre still raw. Strictly Pancakes is no exception, except that coming from a restaurant that specializes in pancakes, it’s almost criminal.

Disappointing, really.


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