KFC Double Down, Thomson Plaza

Never has a burger created so much controversy than KFC’s Double Down.

First introduced to the States as an April Fools’ joke, the sandwich soon became a reality, and caused a sensation, mainly for one reason – it is the unhealthiest burger in the world. According to the Huffington Post, the Double Down’s 540 calories contain 145 miligrams of cholesterol (twice that of the Big Mac, and half of the recommended daily allowance), 1,380 miligrams of sodium (out of a recommended daily allowance of 2,400), 32 grams of fat (out of a recommended daily allowance of 65). In short, eat this regularly and you’re on your way to a heart attack. Reading this now, I friggin’ wish I hadn’t bit this apple of temptation…

The Double Down made its Singapore debut recently as part of a marketing agreement with the upcoming film, The Avengers, and appears to replace the “long-term limited edition” grilled chicken Rosta burger in the menu lineup. Even though it doesn’t actually use bread, the “burger” is made up of a generous portion of melted cheese and crispy fried bacon (since KFC has a Halal certification, I’m gonna assume that the bacon to be turkey) sandwiched between two Zinger crispy chicken fillets. Unlike the other regular sets, the Double Down is served with just one regular helping of mashed potatoes (instead of two), and a regular soft drink.

Let me just dive straight into it. One word – vulgar. It’s oily, greasy, and just heart-wrenching, not just from the chicken, but the combination of the bacon and cheese, and that’s not even the half of it. The worst part comes after. The sodium is relentless, and there’s this unrelenting sense of thirst that you can’t seem to quench. Then, almost immediately, my face begins to ooze oil like a friggin’ undiscovered oil field. Like everybody else, my face gets oily, but it has never broken out like this, ever. You might think, “Levin, you’re such a drama queen! It’s no different from a two piece chicken meal.” Well, IF it was just two chicken fillet, I wouldn’t have made such a big fuss, but alas, the Double Down’s not just two fillet. The cheese, and the bacon really kicks in to the gross and unhealthy territory, especially the latter. Don’t you know, bacon’s just a really nice word for “REALLY FATTY MEAT”, or lard, if you wanna be real about it.

I’ll never eat this ever. I’ve done it, I’m glad I tried, so I can tick it off my bucket list, but no, never again.


2 thoughts on “KFC Double Down, Thomson Plaza

  1. Oh my god I’m from Singapore and my friends and I were actually EXCITED to try this burger until I actually took a bite of it. The oil from the chicken was literally DRIPPING and gosh it was such a gross sight. Thanks for your article though! 🙂 I am NEVER gonna eat this burger again.

    1. It’s horrid, isn’t it. Well, as the saying goes, “You don’t know it’s bad for you until you try it” or something like that. 😉

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