Wild Honey, Scotts Square

Ever since I attended the media tasting of Wild Honey, I was very anxious to come back to try some of the others.

As a paying customer, the first impression of Wild Honey isn’t exactly endearing. Despite the largely empty Scotts Square outlet, it takes a loooonggg while for the staff to notice me, and my courteousness and politeness is spat on with a reception that’s akin to TSA agents when it’s the Arab woman in burqas’ turn. I wish I could tell you I’m being oversensitive, but the negative body language was undeniable. Well, at least it wasn’t a race thing, since they were being equally ignoring the hell out of everybody as well. It takes a whole ten minutes before nobody comes, and signaling the inattentive crew proves to be quite the challenge.

I zone in on the English, which is what caught my eye when I scrutinized the menu previously.¬†Generally, everything was wonderful, mostly. The eggs, fresh and all, was clearly one of the best scrambled eggs I’ve had. The sausage, kidney beans, mushrooms and brioche were an absolute delight. If I had to nitpick, the potatoes seemed uneven. I couldn’t decide if it was supposed to be a mash or have a harder consistency, and the flavors were awry, with tastes I never knew potato possessed (like chocolate). The biggest offender of all, rather strangely, was the bacon. It was overwhelmingly underwhelming, which I thought was a waste, because it could have sealed the deal as, in my opinion, the best English breakfast I’ve had in Singapore, but it falters, and that’s a pity.


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