Tokyo Blue Weeps – You

Every week, I scour the web to look for interesting songs to “download”. It’s kind of my mantra ever since I was introduced to the world of shared music – I cap my iPhone at approximately 500 songs, and renew it every week one-for-one, to sort of keep my library fresh. I don’t wanna call myself a hipster (and please don’t), but I just love exploring new artists. Although I do have my staples, they’re just a small piece of the puzzle but even I must admit after listening to Lana, Adele, J and Spears, they are, still, at the very heart, pop songs, and some tunes just age faster than others…

I chanced upon this music video which reminded me of a much happier time in a foreign land in Tokyo… Can’t believe I’ve actually been to the places IN that video! It’s so surreal.  The thing about Japan’s that it’s bloody confusing and unwelcoming as f**k, but within half an hour to 24 hours, it becomes, quite literally, the best place on Earth.

p.s. I think Australia’s next.


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