ALEXIS Magazine Vol. 10 “Guilty Pleasures”

Working on ALEXIS Magazine has been, quite literally, a great adventure.

At the time, I had just bought my Sony NEX-5N. Unlike Keidi, who was prowling high and low for tutorials, I didn’t bother about it. Every day, I’m learning something new about my camera, and it was this constant discovery which really spurred my passion to keep shooting, and produce better and better photos each time. With the bosses preferring Tiffany to shoot the official behind-the-scenes photos, I was very free to experiment with shooting various angles and settings, and to be honest, I’m quite satisfied by the results.

In this series of photos, I was inspired by one of my favorite sites in the world, An Afternoon With. It’s a blog featuring New York’s creatives and their homes, and the brightness radiating from the sun-lit homes is, to me, just awe-inspiring. Print can’t capture glare, but it’s clearly visible on a computer screen, although I do sacrifice a bit of quality by setting the exposure so high.

I think this would’ve worked better if I reduced the defocus.

Here are Denise and Tiffany taking turns to be official behind-the-scenes photographers.

You know what? It’s grainy, but I love the effect.

Shot through the mirror.

Definitely, the money shot.

My cover shoot buddies in crime!

She REALLY didn’t like the look, and it was totally understandable, since she’s barely a “major”, if you know what I mean.

Getting in on the action. XP

And that, my friends, is that.


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