Long Saturday – part 2 –

After I bid farewell to Net, I went for a smoke (he’s just 14 years old, need I explain more?) and headed downtown. I was due to meet Titus at 5.30pm at City Hall, but even after exploring Changi City Point and walking to the Expo area, I still had a lot of time to spare. I thought today would be a very rushed day, but it seemed like time was slowing down almost just for me. There was a window between the two events for me to freshen up at the shower facilities of the gym, but little did I realize I’d overestimate my travel time. Nevermind, it was sooo nice to bask in the heat of the saunas and steam rooms without a care in the world for a lot longer, and then taking a really long shower.

Courtesy of Titus, I was invited to a party at the Ritz Carlton. It had been organized by someone called Calvin, who I’m told, seems to love to regularly organize things like this. Checking-in for the night, inviting loads of people to come and socialize, mix drinks and have a good time seems to be the “in” thing now, I hear. Besides, the main reason why I want to come (other than to see if I’d see Andy in the crowd because I heard there was going to be quite a bit of Indonesian-Chinese in attendance) is to check out The Ritz Carlton.OMG, y’all. I’d be a liar-liar-pants-on-fire if I said the Ritz had nothing to do with it. I’ve grown up with The Ritz, literally – from its construction to the attention the hotel got when it first opened. Touted as the world’s first “six-starred” hotel then, to me, it was my first taste of the exclusivity and presence that there was wealth beyond my wildest dreams…

If there’s any audience that I’d succumb to, it’d be my friends whom I know aren’t used to seeing this part of the world. I know for some, it hasn’t been an easy ride, grappling with my sexuality and all, and they’ll need time – I appreciate their understanding and know they need to be slowly eased into this. It is for that reason, that I will refrain from posting pictures of faces. I will be minimal on details as well

I decided to make an exception for this picture, which I’d really love to see in a fashion spread.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to capture these night scenes.

It was really nice – good company, good drinks… Titus seemed to mind that there were some displays of outlandish behavior and “bitchy-ness”, and wanted to leave. Without any familiar company, I left, along with some acquaintances, but to be honest, I’d loved to have stayed. Personally, I think it’s fine to be a stereotype, but only if it isn’t you – it’s a side of me that definitely exists, but it doesn’t define who I am.


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