ALEXIS Magazine Vol. 9 “Year Two”

Glancing through Vol. 009, I see a reflection of myself. I’ve always known that I get better at what I do with every issue, but something just stepped up almost a third in. Go through the magazine. You’ll realize my pre-Vol. 009 style there, and a third in, you’d think that someone else wrote under my name. It’s that different, at least to me.

It’s always this dichotomy that I face, really. I won’t bare no bones about it – I’ve always made it clear to everybody who knows me, even to my bosses, that career wise, I’m ambitious. My preference for the male persuasion, along with the fact that my endeavors with my partners haven’t yielded a successful long-term commitment, means that I feel like I have lesser restrictions than my straight counterparts. I don’t feel the societal pressure to get married, which is a big load off my chest, because that means I can continue to venture and take risks with my life; pursue as many dreams as I can financially sustain (even after the obligatory contributions to the family). That’s not to say I don’t yearn for someone at all – I do think about Andy, and till this day, I continue to catch myself surprised at how much I still love him. Just last night, I began breaking down while singing Katy Perry’s The One That Got Away (I do a lot of YouTube karaokes, especially since my brother’s in NS, and I get the room to myself… lovely!). For anyone who’s keeping scores, Andy now holds the record for the longest person I still love post-breakup. As I was saying, as much as I’m ambitious, and recognize that I need a bigger challenge, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ll miss it.

Till then, I’m still here. =)

The interviews I absolutely enjoy doing are ones that I can do not only face-to-face, but have an interesting conversation with. Yes, conversation. Over time, I found myself hating sterile questions. The right answers can only come from the right questions, and I’m a true believer in that. To be honest, I’m not too sure if that’s what the readers want, to feel like they’re part of a good chat, but I like it, and my test audiences (office colleagues) like it, so that’s comforting.

Hands down, the interview with UpFront Models owner, Watson Tan has gotta be my favorite. In fact, I feel like all young Singaporeans from the teenagers to young adults need to read what this guy’s gotta say because he’s got a point.

Here are some of the fashion spreads…

And that, is Vol. 9, probably the best issue so far.


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