Day Two of 5N

After umpteen days being on leave, I was kinda glad I was doing somethin’ again. I decided to bring my camera, which will probably be a norm, because hey, I didn’t spend a thousand on a camera only to leave it at home napping. I didn’t think I’d have any opportunity to test out my new camera, but a quick check of my email revealed that I had a luncheon with HP at Victoria Peak Restaurant at Orchard Central. I mean, what could be better than that?

The lunch started with a general thank you from the women in charge.

Then, what Chinese New Year lunch could be without my favorite salad?

The ubiquitous sharks’ fin soup. I’m not a fan, but I won’t refuse it either, especially since I eat it an average of just once per year.

The other dishes followed…

Loved the fish dish. It was crispy, but the simple gravy gave it just an amazing flavor.

Roasted spring chicken usually results in meat that’s far too dry, this was juicy and tender!

If you’ve a good camera and you’re at Orchard Central, where do you go to play? The roof garden at Level 12 of course.

Keidi got into the action too, with her new Olympus EP3.


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