The Works and An Extension

The previous day was one of the weirder days of the year. I fell massively and mysteriously ill – down with fever, running nose and all that crap. Then, as quickly as it hit me, it left, this morning. It was utterly frustrating cos’ I wanted to get a camera with the extra cash I received two days earlier. I wanted to ride on my enthusiasm and spontaneity, because when it comes to spending big, all that passion and vitality dies. Maybe it’s because my family situation today is the direct result of irresponsible and impulsive expenditure that I’ve become rather timid at it. For example, when I go down to the store meaning to buy a whole set of clothes, I think it through and through, trying and procrastinating that when I’m at the cashier, I only buy a single thing in the end, and I spend the entire day regretting… I’m too thrifty (on non-food items) when it comes to myself. Even when I’m so dead set on getting a camera, I get too picky with my choices – conflicted between a regular DSLR and a hybrid. Luckily, Terrance is there being my “choice” compass, if you will, helping me, ironically, fight my impulsiveness.

Started my day beautifully with The Full Works at Food For Thought. I had been craving a real breakfast ever since, ever, and I was deciding between Wild Honey (haven’t tried that yet) and Food For Thought. After a brief consideration, I chose the latter, mostly because it was closer to Peninsula Plaza where Terrance recommended checking out. But damn was the place artsy. The place was filled with yuppies, creatives, and of course, not-so-familiar faces from the theatre scene, as well as the guy who’s recently replaced Gurmit Singh’s roles on national television.

Y’know what, I still haven’t found an authentic English breakfast in Singapore yet… You know, with the scrambled eggs, sausages and the works… and most importantly, the baked beans and black pudding. After that, I headed to Marina Bay station as a guest at “Friend of LTA” to be one of the first to take a look at the two new stations of the new Circle Line Extension. Comprising Bayfront and Marina Bay stations, it improves access to the Marina Bay area, specifically, the Sands. I didn’t take very many pictures, but here are some impressions.

Here’s the soon-to-be completed final phase of the Marina Bay Financial Centre, a commercial office, shopping and residential complex that’s a self-contained town in its own!

The south exit of Marina Bay station fascinates me, in part due to the roof structure, which uses the same material as Beijing’s Water Cube. It’s futuristic, light, durable and strong!

Due to complications, access to the Circle Line platforms are from underneath rather than over, which I thought is pretty cool.


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