ALEXIS Magazine Vol. 008 “Coming Together”

On retrospect, it’s ironic to call this issue “Coming Together” when the only coming happenning was “Coming Apart”, at least for a now ex-colleague. It’s sad to bid somewhere farewell, especially someone you’ve been working for over a year already… but between you and I, I was glad she was gone, especially given her body language and attitude the last few weeks. People tend to forget that just because they keep silent, doesn’t mean they’re not affecting the surrounding people. The energy that was radiating from her body was offensively and ferociously negative, and if I could feel it, then anybody could as well… which to me, was a pity. With every adversity, every emotional trough, you learn, not to harden yourself and become cruel, but to recognize the symptoms and stop yourself before it escalates.

To me, “Coming Together” is still very relevant because really, it’s all about teamwork – different people, different talent, all contributing and offering something to create something.

This is styled by Nathanel, who’s own personal style’s all about being playfully whimsical with a touch of camp. Characterized by layering, mismatching prints and colors, it’s one of those indulgent mess that’s “so bad, it’s good”.

Entrevue reimagines the 1960s classy glamor of Audrey Hepburn and pre-Lagerfeld Chanel. Shot completely in black-and-white, this is a look into the early days of the femme fatale and glamor…

Boatman conjures up a voyage into a sea-fairer’s world of myths and legends, of mythical creatures of mermaids, sirens and fairies.

Sadly, Vol. 008 will be the last time featuring hand-illustrated beauty products.

Atempause isn’t my favorite spread… I was overall, uncomfortable with the cleavage but maybe that’s just who I am.

Wild Abandon is one of my favorite spreads because there’s a horse in it! I think right now, I’ve a horse fetish thanks to Equus and British Polo Day, and I’m proud of it.

I think I’m one of the few in the office who loves this spread. I know the lipstick-lesbian look has been done before, but it still works, at least to me.

My Global Trends contributors! I love you guys! XOXO

I didn’t like this shoot… mostly because I don’t like the trend.

Very Courtney Love… if she was sober.



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