ALEXIS Magazine Vol. 007 “Awesome, It Is”

It’s been a real hectic day at work. While everyone’s chillin’, hardly anybody in the office, I was slogging, trying to finish whatever I can before my longest ever vacation! Technically, I’ll only be spending 5 days in the Beijing-Tianjin area but the fact that my journey there and back taking 17 and 9 hours respectively means that it has added slightly more than 2 days to my trip, which is quite interesting. Previously, I’ve never really quite considered my flight times… partly because my travel times have until tomorrow, been relatively restricted to short hops. But I guess you learn something new each time, right? So, when the magazine came today, I wasn’t feeling anything but everything changed once my boss handed me the magazine and I began flipping.

Vol. 007 is MILES away from EVERYTHING we’ve done so far, not only in terms of the styling, but just the overall feel of it. It’s a lot more well-made and professional, and I’m absolutely lovin’ it! In fact, this is the first issue that I’d willingly buy.

I’ve only 7 hours before I leave for the airport, so I’m just gonna go straight into it.

For “Character”, I really wanted to use The Help to talk about the underlying racism in Singapore – the hoohah with The Noose subconsciously mocking Singaporeans while encouraging their discrimination against foreigners.

I thought this makeup spread was very well-done.

This Burberry article was a real challenge as I’m sure my colleagues and bosses will testify, but all of that paid off because this was my first ever article passed without any edit!

Now, the fashion spreads…

Some of the best fashion spreads from a Singapore-based magazine!


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