ALEXIS magazine Vol. 006 “The Best Day”

Looking through my blog, I realized I forgot to do some cross promotion for ALEXIS magazine!

Vol. 006 “The Best Day” represents some of my best and not-so-good moments, the latter because I had less time available for work. I’m never going to say nor feel that I regretted going to Shanghai. It was something I had to do, and I’m glad I did it, no matter how it turned out.

To be honest, because I was at the cover shoot, I was a little skeptical about how it’d turn out, especially given the largely informal setting with Chuck and all. Then when the magazine first came out, I too didn’t quite like it. However, it’s safe to say that it’s an acquired taste – this is one of the best covers we’ve had so far!

The concept behind this is quite subtle, really. LOL at my bosses for thinking it’s yet another stab at you-know-who. That’s sooo… last year already.

Oroton. You know what? Each time I complete an article, I think it’s my best yet, but with me now into Vol. 007’s articles, I can’t even look at this with the same pride anymore. Weird huh?

I love the ALDO, Forever 21- feel of this shoot.

I LOVEEE my Global Trends contributors!!!! Most of them, that is. It’s their enthusiasm and support that keeps my spirits alive and momentum going whenever I deal with this page, even though I’m not credited at all here.

Other fashion shoot highlights IMHO.

I love this article too. Sucessful restoration! 😉

And the best…


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