ALEXIS Vol. 004 “In Love With…”

Usually, I’d take pictures of my work and post it here on the blog. The result is almost an exclusive look ONE day before the magazine hits news stands… except for Vol. 003 though – admittedly, there were some work which I was quite proud of but in general, I didn’t quite like it.

This, I LOVE!!

Lemme tell you a secret. For cover lines, I always look to airline taglines for inspiration.

If I took a picture each time my name appears, I’d have more than 30 photos. Instead, I’ll list down the pages in which I had a hand in…

COVER: Cover lines except “In Love With…”

This original was directed at all those who’ve attacked me before, and kept in my iPhone’s Notepad.

p.s. Terrance: This is why I refuse to let anyone near my phone. I have a lot of pent up anger, emotions and frustrations that for the sake of relationships and friendships, must NEVER leak out to the public.



I won’t say anything… To me, it’s pretty obvious.

Fashion: Most Wanted – All text except “The Young And Refreshing”

Fashion: Leather

Fashion: Coats & Jackets

Fashion: Back To Basics – Text is missing.

Profile: Antebellum

Fashion: Color Squable

The whole idea of the text is that it isn’t supposed to work, but yet work at the same time.

Fashion: Strappy Heels

Fashion: Androgynous

Fashion: Lace

Fashion: Refashion

Fashion: News – 5 out of 12 snippets

Profile: Danjyo + Hiyoji – By ex-Editor, edited by me

Beauty: Most Wanted – 3 out of 7 including “Troves of Treasure And Trinkets”

Beauty: News – 5 out of 12 snippets

Insider: By ex-Editor, edited by me

House Ad


Lifestyle: Most Wanted

Throughout Vol. 004, the whole idea of my text is to be subtle.

Lifestyle: Blogger

Lifestyle: Character – Opening date text is missing

Lifestyle: Talkative

Lifestyle: Blogger

Lifestyle: Food Log

Lifestyle: News

I’m glad that Raid is back to 2 pages!

Lifestyle: Raid

Lifestyle: RSVP

Lifestyle: Night Out


It’s here…

ALEXIS magazine Vol. 4 In Love With…

Available at major bookstores, news stands and 7-Eleven stores


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