Stacy & Mark – by night

Refreshed and all ready, I made my way to Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre hotel for the wedding dinner.

No offense, but why do the Chinese population in Singapore have such a fattening procession? It seems customary to arrive late for the dinner since the dinner usually begins a whole hour later anyways – and it has become a chicken and egg issue. Following is the arduous 4 to 5 hour long ritual that is the 9 (having the same pronounciation as longevity) course meal full of dishes which in Mandarin are auspicious 3, 4 or 8-word idioms or phrases…

To be honest, I used to love going to wedding dinners because it was interesting to people-watch, and try to spot PLUs, as well as get fashion tips from the best dressed male or female. But ever since I began attending real events, my interest in wedding dinners has dissipated – I don’t want to be seen by people. I want my own space to do my thing. This evening, I was sat with two of my least favorite cousins, Allan and Andy and this time, I made sure they KNEW I disliked them, particularly the former.

[More photos on my other blog due to space constraints on WordPress]


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