Mark & Stacy – by day

Today was the wedding of my cousin Stacy and her newlywed husband, Mark, a prompt reminder of the iconic wedding that happened just a month ago at Westminster Abbey with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Like the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton, this was the most eagerly anticipated wedding as far as my family and relatives are concerned. The proposal a year ago, the engagement a few months later and more than an entire’s year of planning, just like the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The fairy tale began 10 years ago, and like the British royal couple, it was not love at first sight. However, as sacred as the house of God was, it was a cesspool of love and passion, allowing the best friends to break the platonic sound barrier and into the realms of the romantic. Like William and Kate, Stacy and Mark really represent the next generation. I’ve had other cousins who’ve gotten married like brothers Andy and Allan but the fact that they’re in their late 20s and early 30s puts them in the same generation as their parents. All eyes are looking at how Stacy and Mark will take the reins and reinvent themselves to lead by example for me and the rest of my cousins, and judging by today, it is clear that they want to marry the best of both generations. They want to be young and refreshing and at the same time, they’re not ungrateful and unappreciative.

Right now, the couple will retreat out of the spotlight, just like William and Kate, but the family is definitely looking to them for leadership and guidance when it’s time for them to rule.

You might find it odd and inappropriate that I consistently drew comparisons with the British royal couple’s wedding but what happened at Paya Lebar Methodist Church and later this evening at Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre was exactly like that. I didn’t appreciate the constant plugs for Christianity, profession of love to God and appreciation and gratitude to their parents… it was annoying. If you want to talk about how you met, reminisce about your good times, can, do it, I encourage you. But stop banging me in the head and constantly reminding me how God is sooo important in your life – it makes me care less about you as a person because you are telling me you’re a puppet with no mind of your own. I’m not kidding – it was that extreme and it REALLY felt like the marriage was playing second-fiddle to religion.

The decor, interior and feel could never match Westminster Abbey while Mark’s side of the family could never hold a candle in status to Prince Harry, Prince William, Queen Elizabeth amongst many royals, and the invited guests don’t possess the fame nor the dress sense of Lady Gaga, Victoria and David Beckham but it was nevertheless a nice, cosy church wedding (my first) and literally against all odds and showers, it was a joyous and momentous event to be a part of.

[More pictures will be posted on my other blog]


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