ALEXIS Magazine Vol. 1 “The Inaugural”

It’s here, it’s here!

I took a trip to Borders and found something quite interesting.

Hmmm... I've never seen ALEXIS before. What's it about?
Damn! Some writer's using my name!! =P
"Me" again! "I" interviewed the covergirl model Charlie Pailee?
This "Dominic Levin" teaches you how to turn a shirt into a vest?
OMG! "He" did this inspiring interview on Jo Soh?!!
What cool and fantastic gadgets you have! Not interested? Read the snippets, some are real funny.
The interviewee actually wrote? Interviewer's lazy, but I like =)
That gal that left Electrico, Amanda Ling. I've always wondered what happened to her.
Rita for all what? Ohh, it's a movie review.
What a pretty blogger... Great style too.
Mmmmm... Hungry.
More by that bugger. Damn, he's done alot of pages.

If you’re that thick, I AM “Dominic Levin Yeo” and this is what I’ve been involved in since November. It’s been a miracle that I’ve been able to achieve so much with so little, literally. While the Singaporean society dictates that I should be obligated to feel inferior due to my lack of a ‘suitable’ academic qualification, I refuse to budge and stubbornly stand tall. No doubt, I already feel some form of discrimination from some people currently studying in universities and there is an invisible barrier I can’t seem to penetrate because that other section is for nation’s elites, intellectuals and grown-ups only. Slowly, I’m subscribing to the idea that people shouldn’t be ‘overeducated’. Education these days seem to be doing more harm than good: sure, it’s good for tasks that are pretty established, such as accounting and law where the walls have been established and there’s simply no going around it.

Personally, I feel like being outcasted time and time again has made me a better person; more aware of the feelings and sentiments of other people. Being darker and more tanned exposed me to the horrors of racial insults that the local Chinese population flicks onto the minority races. Being open and out about myself made me a more confident person, but it thrusted me right into the discrimination and rejection that the LGBT society continually faces on a daily basis. Not being in a university like NTU, NUS or SMU has enlightened me that there IS more than one way to lead one’s life successfully.

Sometimes you’ve to step out to understand the bigger picture.

And that’s what ALEXIS magazine’s all about.
We’re here to breathe new life into the stale world of print media.
We’re here to redefine your view on fashion.
We’re here to take you to places you’ve never been before.
We’re here, and ready when you are.

One of my quotes used on one of my favourite spreads
Another of my quotes. Hehee.

An original quote by me =)

ALEXIS is out on major bookstores and convenience stores islandwide:

Follow ALEXIS on:



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